The Win Business Awards Scorecard benchmarks your current ability to win awards and identifies how to increase your chances of winning in the future.

This free, confidential test measures your potential to win prestigious business awards by analysing performance across the six pillars of awards success. In under 6 minutes, your unique score will reveal your strengths and weaknesses, show you which type of awards to focus on now, and deliver practical, actionable tips to raise your profile and increase your business value by winning the awards you enter from now on!


The most successful award winners are truly inspirational. Whether they are a leader or part of a team, they have passion and purpose, and they motivate others to achieve their goals. Demonstrating how you have engaged with others and supported their success will help you create winning results.


The impact your business is having on your customers, employees, industry, or region makes a difference to which awards you can win. Impact can be measured in many ways, but ultimately making sales shows you are offering something that people want to buy. The golden role is the bigger the impact, the bigger the chances of winning.


The more influential your business is on your industry, customers, and employees, the more easily you will be able to prove your worth and win business awards. Reflecting on and enhancing your brand's influence and market presence will help you to become a Thought Leader, which in turn will drive business growth and success


The most prolific award winners use insights into the needs of their employees, customers and stakeholders to influence their business decisions and take action. Understanding what's behind your business aims and objectives will help you achieve your goals, demonstrate your strengths, and become a winner.


Succesfully bringing a new business, product, or service to market has a big impact on the awards you can win. So does a business transformation, a change in processes, and even a new idea that makes a difference to your customers or employees. Understanding what innovation means in your business will increase your chances of winning.


Whether it's fast and furious, or slow and steady, growth is the most significant sign of business improvement and is a key indicator for awards success. But business growth is judged across many different areas and each one will have a degree of impact on your ability to win. Find out how your growth and improvement can help beat the competition in awards.

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